Quiz: Bioanalytical methods

Multiple choice: Click on the answer(s) you think are correct.

1. Proteins can be separated with ….
… Northern blot.
… Western blot.
… PCR.
… Southern blot.
… SDS page.
2. Using Native page, the electrophoretical separation of proteins depends on:
Michaelis-Menten constant
pH of the buffer
Enzymatic substrate degradation
Size of the protein
Charge of post-translational modifications
Surface charge
3. What is the main difference between SDS and Native Page?
Proteins are analyzed oligomers with SDS Page .
Proteins are denatured for SDS Page analysis.
Native Page involves a blotting step.
Proteins are detected using antibodies with Native Page.
4. The pore size of polyacrylamide gels can be modified according to the protein sizes to be analyzed. How?
By using a marker ladder containing higher molecular weights.
By adjusting the ratio of acrylamide to bisacrylamide.
By adjusting the temperature during gel preparation.
By adjusting the pH of the employed buffer.
5. A protein travels through the gel until …
… the electric field is enabled.
… it reaches the pH which corresponds to its pI.
… it carries a zero net charge.
… the gel is stained.
… the gel pores get too small.

Fill in the gaps. Toggle down to check your results.

1. What is the meaning of the abbreviation „cmc“?


Critical micellar concentration


2. Match the provided steps of a Western Blot analysis and preliminary steps with the numbers in the boxes.

Western Blot

a) blocking of membrane, b) blotting, c) washing of membrane (2x), d) primary antibody, e) signal generation/ detection, f) secondary antibody, g) gel electrophoresis, h) determine protein concentration, i) cell lysis, j) protein purification


1i, 2j, 3h, 4g, 5b, 6a, 7d, 8c, 9f, 10c, 11e


3. The image shows a Western Blot stack. Match the numbers in the boxes with the possible solutions below.


a) filter (2x), b) anode, c) cathode, d) gel, e) membrane


1c, 2a, 3d, 4e, 5a, 6b