Bioanalytical methods

This chapter includes slides about (click on the „G“ to view the glossary entry):

  • Basic knowledge required for the understanding of bioanalytical methods (detergents (G) and the formation of detergent micelles & critical micellar concentration (G) (CMC), isoelectric point)
  • Electrophoresis (Northern Blot (G)/ Southern Blot (G)/ Western Blot (G), SDS Page (G) and Native Page (G), Isoelectric focussing (G), 2D Electrophoresis (G))
  • Immunoassays like ELISA (=enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), FACS (=fluorescence activated cell sorting), FRET (=fluorescence resonance energy transfer), Dot Blot, etc.
  • Videos about electrophoretic methods and immunoassays

Need some refreshment? No problem! Watch these videos and get your basic knowledge straight in no time.


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Watch some more videos to go into more detail:

Western blotting provided by GE Healthcare Life Sciences:

ELISA provided by openmichigan:

Dot blot provided by Abnova: